Love Your Senses: Smell

Studies show that the brain responds most quickly to a sense of smell. In our world of food, we’re constantly around aromas that stimulate the sense of smell from cocktails and hors d’oeuvres to the salad and dinner course. Our goal, at Entertaining Company, with every dish is to appeal to each sense allowing the ultimate experience. Therefore, we put a lot of thought into presentation as well as flavor profiles and the texture of each food element.

Our Spice Blends are one of the ways we are amping up our sense of smell in the kitchen. Every mixture is so incredibly aromatic. Each blend was created to reflecting an area of the world that our team has traveled to. Each blend truly transforms a dish into something special and distinctive. Our chefs love experimenting with the blends in a variety of dishes. From woodsy grilled meats, to light and refreshing pastas, our EC Storied Spices cover all ends of the spectrum. We look forward to incorporating vibrant flavors such as Timut Pepper from Nepal into new spice blends. In addition, fresh, botanical floral flavors excite us for 2018 and we are working on ways to add these aromas and flavors to our menus.

Another way we are enhancing the sense of smell is through the use of our new EC Home Store all natural candle and room sprays. Taking a step out of the kitchen to relax and enjoy a peaceful night at home is not complete without a slow burning candle to set the mood. Each of our candles are made of soy wax to eliminate the amount of harmful soot in the air. The room sprays are another great way to surround your home or office with feel good scents. Both products are inspired by food so they never compete with the smells you are cooking with in the kitchen.