Holiday Party Inspiration

Winter wonderland was the inspiration for this holiday party at Loft 21. So our operations and design team went all out. Since the theme was a white holiday, the food stations incorporated lots of fake snow, snowy holiday greens and white sparkly branches. Therefore, the guests felt fully immersed in the theme while filling up their plates! Check out a few menu highlights below.


Zucchini Carpaccio
Lemon, Feta, Pine nut, Parmesan
Olive Oil, Served on Pita Triangle
roasted red pepper garnish
Spicy Potato Indian Sliders on Naan Bun
topped with chutney
roasted jalapeno pepper garnish
Potato and Pea Small Four Corner Samosas
Yoghurt Cucumber Raita
Classic Pad Thai with Vegetables

Avocado Roll
sweet potato and asian pear