Exploring Green City Market

Exploring all the vendors at Green City Market every Saturday has turned into a weekly adventure we all look forward to. Weekends are always extremely busy around here. So being able to take a few minutes out of our crazy Saturday is a challenge but worth it. Sampling fresh produce. Getting inspired by what’s in season and supporting local farmers. What’s not to love? There is something very zen about the entire experience. We enjoy finding new products we’ve never used before. And seeing new ways to incorporate traditional items into our dishes.

Green City Market has created such an amazing community of vendors from farms all over the mid-west. They all have one goal in mind, educate about the quality of food, and promote sustainability. Shopping local is something Entertaining Company strives to do. We are located in such a perfect place with access to some of the country’s finest farms. And our chef’s take full advantage. Once we get educated and inspired. The new produce we discover eventually makes its way into our seasonal menus. Vegetarian dishes in particular begin to take shape after exploring the farmers market. Vibrant and colorful is what we always aim for. More than just a plate of vegetables making the carnivores at the table wish they were diving into a beautiful dish of natures freshest treats!

If you haven’t made the time to check out Green City Market, you can shop all year round! Now that the weather is slowly becoming cold. The farmers market moves indoors to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. We highly suggest taking a trip this winter and getting inspired for your own dishes. Plus, what is better than shopping local and picking from the best produce in the mid-west? Nothing, that’s what!

Happy Shopping,

Entertaining Company