Eating After Hours

When the drinks are flowing. Dance floor is packed. And everyone is wishing they saved a few pretzel rolls from the bread basket. It’s time to bust out the late-night snacks! Whether we serve mini pizzas and Chicago style hotdogs on a rolling cart throughout the venue. Or breakfast sandwiches stationed near the door, so guests can grab a bite for the road. Having a little extra food for your guests at the end of the night is never a bad idea. It ensures no one leaves hungry and makes the morning after enjoying all those signature cocktails a little more bearable.

Pictured below are a few of our favorite waiter passed late-night snacks from a wedding at Greenhouse Loft. Mini breakfast sandwiches in cast iron skillets by Tablescapes Rentals. Creamy mac and cheese cones. And our hand cut sweet potato fries with a truffle aioli drizzle.

Another crowd pleaser is our taco carts! We have over 15 rolling carts in our inventory in a bunch of different styles to match your event’s “vibe”. Spicy chicken tacos with our housemade crunchy slaw. Sauteed seasonal vegetable tacos with a dollop of avocado. Or beef tacos with a spicy salsa. It’s better than making the late night fast food taco run – we promise. Offer an individual serving of gluten free tortilla chips with pico de gallo. Or easy to grab and go empanadas for an added variety.

Mini burgers are always a good idea. With melted cheddar cheese and ketchup or creamy blue cheese and whiskey caramelized onions, these are the perfect little bites full of flavor. We’ll even pair them with a little beer sip. Or a “night cap” as some might call it. Either way, we want all the mini burgers and beers after a night of dancing and celebrating the guests of honor.

Ask your sales consultant today to add a few of these treats to your menu.

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