Simple Botanical Decor

Spring has Sprung both outside in sprouting gardens and indoors on our tabletops. Last year we started seeing a lot of palm leaves being incorporated throughout decor centerpieces and acting as an accent pattern scattered around the home if done artfully and thoughtfully. Green is a color that comes and goes with popularity but right now we are loving it! With Spring comes rainy, gloomy days making us wish we could sit inside all day sipping our favorite tea with a great book and avoiding life’s responsibilities but having such a vibrant pop of color surround your home can help keep you positive and excited for the sunnier Summer days ahead spent at a rooftop bar with friends and family. Recent inspirations for this trend have actually come from various photographers that we follow on social media platforms like Lexia Frank Photography, (bottom left) Sarah Street Photography  (far right) and Meggie Taylor Photography (top left).

Sometimes photos can be deceiving. With the right filter, great lighting and a professional photographer anything can look stunning. So, we put this trend to the test in recent events that Entertaining Company has catered and we have found that adding some larger monstera leaves or sprinkling in a few palm leaf textures is both easy and gorgeous! They can be incorporated in all decor themes, whether it’s rustic, or modern the color green mixes wonderfully with hammered metals like our Cari, Edie or Venya trays or offers a fabulous pop of color against wood materials like our wood boards. Versatile and effortless are key when creating a tablescape that will truly wow the guests in your home or at your next soirée.