Love Month

February is our “Love Month”. Love is not only the emotions we feel towards things or people but also the experiences we encounter throughout life.  When we traveled to San Miguel Allende, Mexico we had the honor of visiting a workshop that employed men and women with disabilities and the amount of love everyone had for each other and for the products they were creating was truly inspiring. At this workshop we fell in love with the candles a man was hand dipping. We could have watched him for hours. There was such a rhythm and sense of Zen that came from the process. Everything these men and women were doing was done so effortlessly and imagining all the obstacles they have overcome to get to this point in their life was incredibly moving. Whether it be a physical, or mental disability the way we handle ourselves and push through life spreading love is all that matters.

We also found love in the culture and food that Mexican Chefs and restaurants are so passionate about. The spices that linger on your tongue and get you excited for another bite is like no other culture! The chefs have no problem letting you try something because they are confident that you will love it – and we definitely did. Everything is so fresh, hand-made and a little messy which is just the way food should be. PLUS the music is so energetic that we felt like dancing the entire time. Having such a love for life is unbeatable. We are so grateful for the adventures we have had that enlighten us, and remind us that everyone goes through hard times but a little love (and music) goes a long way.

So this month we are sitting back, relaxing, possibly pouring ourselves a cocktail and enjoying the love we have around us!

Xoxo EC Home Store Team