Indie Love

Sometimes, all worlds collide. For example, when our catering company is throwing a party inspired by Alexander Hamilton, who was born in the British West Indies, and then just getting back from Florida where we were surrounded by Caribbean exotic fruits, vegetables, and design elements. Florida is one of those places where it’s easy to see nothing beyond strip malls, big box stores, and chain restaurants. But we were able to seek out a few interesting indie sites and experiences that would have made Mr. Hamilton proud. Here are some top places and design to search out if you ever find yourself in South Florida, visiting the folks, and craving some exotic vibes.

Robert is Here

An amazing independently owned grocery store of tropical fruits and vegetables in Homestead, Florida. This place will remind you of a throw back Florida that is almost forgotten. The owner, Robert, is at the cash register. A guy playing guitar and singing entertains you. And best of all, heaps of passion fruit, Jack Fruit, Mamey Sapote. Not to mention, aisles of handcrafted honey, marmalade and desserts are all for sale. Robert is Here is definitely worth a stop when you are near Miami and don’t forget to savor one of their amazing, fresh smoothie. We tried the Sapodilla, Coconut, and Pineapple Smoothie which was luscious and are going to dive into a Strawberry Key Lime next time.

The Fruit and Spice Park

Located in Homestead, Florida, we thought we had died and gone to tropical heaven. The park is located in Redland Community which itself is a destination with berry farms, farm stands of all varieties as well as Caribbean restaurants.  The park is 37 acres of plants with 500 varieties of exotic edibles, fruits, vegetables and spices. On entering, we were able to sample Cas, Mamey Sapote and Malay Apple. We felt lucky to see Tamarind pods hanging from a tree and tremendous bunches of bananas, coconuts, and pineapples still attached to the ground. We’re inspired to add tropical food and design elements into some of the events we’re planning for this summer.

Cod and Capers Seafood Marketplace and Cafe

This is another independent business that we love in South Florida. It opened in 1984 and is far from the chains you see all over Florida. Here you can walk up to a counter and select from all manner of oysters, clams and stone crabs. In addition, there’s a lovely gift shop as well as tables outside where a leisurely lunch can be enjoyed.

When we got back from all our Florida adventuring. Relaxed at home with our analogue journals and dreamed of the tropical West Indies. Thank you A. Hamilton. Teak and cane tables, rattan chairs, and low tech fans moving the air around made for a dreamy and breezy afternoon. We’re looking forward to keeping the tropical vibe going In Studio Live as we celebrate Alexander Hamilton and entertain friends.