New Year, New Goals

Going into 2017, EC Home Store (previously The Storied Table) is excited to set new goals that will help us continue to share the stories of the many talented, unique and intriguing artisans we meet. 2016 was all about getting our feet off the ground and trying a little bit of everything to find out what was going to work for us. We learned so much about marketing, the things you all love to see and the best ways to sell our products. So, this year we will be putting all the techniques we learned to use! Since there are so many things we want to accomplish this year we decided to wrap it all up into 5 simple, attainable goals that will be both challenging and rewarding.

The first goal is to host more “pop up shops” around Chicago. Since our products are strictly sold online, we think that selling them at various storefronts and markets around the city might be a fun way for you all to see the products first hand before purchasing and because we want to meet you! Here at EC Home Store we are all about learning from others around us and that includes our fabulous customers. We are working on being part of another Dose Market this year, but as of right now we don’t have a pop-up store scheduled. We are always open for suggestions so let us know where you want to see us!

The second goal of 2017 is increasing our platforms. Currently, our products are being sold on Chairish and Houzz but we know there are more sites out there that are perfect for TST and we are determined to find them! Both current platforms have shown to be a great success for us and we love the idea of reaching more people around the U.S sharing the stories of all our talented artisans.

The third goal includes traveling. Our store wouldn’t be what it is without all the traveling our adventurous owner Wendy has done, but we are making it a goal for all of us to do a little more traveling this year. Whether it’s traveling to another country in search of more unique products that share a story we can’t wait to share with you or adventuring to a new town in a new state gaining inspiration and meeting people that encourage us to experience new things! The greatest thing about EC Home Store is that each product has a deeper meaning to it than just a wooden board or just some coasters for your table, and without traveling and exploring those meanings then we start to lose the excitement in our pieces.

The fourth goal is all about “Bringing the Tribe Together.” We are so grateful for all of you that have helped make The Storied Table’s dream a reality and we want to be able to communicate with you constantly.  Trying to keep up with the social media scene, we will be working on creating a Facebook group that will be invite only giving our loyal customers special deals and discounts, as well as inform you all on the upcoming pop up stores and events we’re part of.

Lastly, wholesale. For our fifth goal, we really want to start working on dialing in our wholesale clients, and begin seeing The Storied Table products used with more caterers, in hotels, and even restaurants. The idea of spreading the stories our products and helping companies elevate the way they serve guests really excites us. If you are interested or know of anyone interested in purchasing a few of our wholesale products reach out; we would love to work with you.

Cheers to a wonderful year full of success and new adventures!

Happy Shopping,

EC Home Store Team