Meet Vija – The Creative Mind Behind our Wine Opener!

We always get excited when we meet amazingly talented artisans. Today, we want to introduce Vija Kuras of Grenville Society – the creative mind behind our Foster Metal Pineapple Wine Opener! Vija said the idea to create a corkscrew came to her when she was taking a photo of her dinner table and realized everything was gorgeously put together, that is, everything other than her old, flimsy corkscrew. That old corkscrew was ruining the photo. Vija loves to host parties and tends to focus most on the visuals and the bar. Our kind of girl! She knew she had to do something about that old corkscrew so she decided to create one!

“Why are there beautiful bottle openers, decanters, and cocktail shakers but the bar tool I use most often remains an afterthought,” thought Vija as she began her search for a corkscrew that wouldn’t ruin a photo. When she couldn’t find anything she loved, Vija decided that is was up to her to create a picture worthy corkscrew! Although Vija had no previous art and design background, her entire family is very involved in art all of kinds so the creativity truly runs through her blood! Like most artists, Vija started by sketching what she had envisioned this Pineapple Wine Opener would look like and then set out to find a factory that would use her work, not stock photos, to construct a product uniquely to her and her ever changing style.

Vija loved the idea of incorporating the trendy antique gold look along with the pineapple that has always symbolized hospitality and friendship – two things that go perfectly with a nice bottle of wine. She stated that, “I find a lot of my inspiration on Instagram. I love being able to see what other people are with their home bars – it’s the best place to find unique entertaining and décor tips.”

After using this product ourselves, The Storied Table has decided that this is a must need bar tool on all bars! Not only is it a great looking wine opener, but it also easy to use and looks stunning on any tabletop. Like Vija says at Grenville Society – Be Kind. Be Useful. Bring Wine.


EC Home Store Team