Styling with Kenny: DIY Tips From a Pro (Catering Hacks)

The cool weather is on our minds here at Entertaining Company. We know how stressful entertaining at home can be whether in holiday or any season.. With a little help from the amazingly talented Kenny Woodman, you can turn your food displays into a major décor element with easily found elements that will truly wow your guests!

Here are Kenny’s Five Easy Tips (Catering Hacks) for Creating A Festive Seasonal Table

One | Start with A Wood Board  

Kenny suggests starting with a wood board; whether that is a cutting board you’ve had for years or a recently bought wooden board that you’ve been waiting for the right occasion to use. Wood boards bring in an organic style to any table and make an ideal backdrop for your fresh breads, crackers and lavosh. The neutrals of wood pair great with colorful hand painted ceramic bowls. Consider collecting a series of wood boards to add dimension to your table. We use attractive wood boards for our catering from The Storied Table.

Two | Be Fresh

Kenny suggests placing fresh herbs bundles and lemon leaves around your serving pieces. Tie bunches with butchers twine for a rustic look or seasonal velvet to go more sophisticated. Fresh herb bouquets are a nice organic décor element on a cheeseboard or hors d’oeuvres platter. To keep things smelling fresh, add a light squeeze of lemon juice to your lemon leaves. Lemon leaves offer a stunning vibrant green element to the overall food display.

Pictured here is a sneak peek of our new The Storied Table lacquered line of trays that make colors pop.

Three | Bring the Outside In

For Autumn, fall leaves used as a décor element, can be a great way to bring in a range of seasonal colors that tie in all of the warm earthy tones from the wood board, your painted bowls and the lovely food being served to family and friends.

Pictured Above: Chester Tray

Four | Go High

Kenny believes that adding levels to your food presentation are a great way to add depth and interest to the surface you are serving your food on. Glass blocks, square vases, candle sticks or even a stack of books can create interest and allow you to raise trays at various heights. Even pieces that already have a pedestal, like cake stands, can be used for serving both savory and sweet items. Start by creating a center point “starting high in the middle and flow out or depending on the placement of your table start on one end and cascade your trays and platters to the end of your table.” Levels can always mean layers, don’t be afraid of overlapping trays, and mixing metal serving trays with wooded boards.

Five | Consider Color

Always keep in mind the colors of the food you are serving, and consider how the tray and food will coordinate. Get creative with platters you already have, or have fun buying new things to add to your home entertaining collection. For catering at Entertaining Company, we enjoy a splash of color to make food pop. Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!