Oktoberfest – Design + Food Inspiration

Design wise, we’re bringing in the Oktoberfest season with natural elements likes horns and antlers as well as buffets constructed from Bourbon Barrels. Fall is all about warm earthy tones and flavors that keep us nice and cozy through the colder months. Apple infused drinks, outdoor elements brought inside and getting creative with our displays are just a few of our favorite Fall things.

Chilled German Lager, Salty and Brown Pretzel Rolls, Grilled Bratwurst with Spicy Mustard, Warming Beer and Cheese Soup…these are some of the delicious items that we’re offering at Entertaining Company.

We remember our wonderfully inspiring adventure in Berlin where we got to sample firsthand these cool weather staples at the source. Notably, in Kreuzberg Berlin, we indulged for a few happy hours at the weekly gathering of food entrepreneurs. We feasted on  incredibly decadent, never to be forgotten, cheesy spaetzle, as well as Venison, and amazing Apple Nut Kuchen…those divinely dry cakes with luscious fruits.  I remembered eating these, freshly baked by my Grandmother…wonderful smells and memories.

Having been so inspired, we came back from the trip and began infusing deep and luscious Autumn flavors into our mixology and food. Tom Sierra, our mixology guru, has been handcrafting Bourbon Cocktails that include apple chips, house made Pumpkin Infused Vodka, roasted apple simple syrup and Stella Artois Cidre with nutmeg. Sometimes a bit of bacon finishes the cocktail and it is served up.  We’re loving how the Entertaining Company Fall Mojito with fresh mint cocktail looks so seasonal in our Pippa, and Ariel glass with an apple garnish.

In the kitchen, Chef has also been creating lovely Fall fruit sauce condiments to garnish our lamb chops and bring in the seasonal tone.  Our Chef is also having a blast incorporating Fall fruits and vegetables like fresh figs, pears and pumpkin in salads, soups and desserts.  Yum!!

Get creative with your Fall design this year!

For more Oktoberfest food + design inspiration, we’re collecting images on Pinterest.

Cheers, W