Undress Your Table

Simplicity is key. At Entertaining Company we are creating a stylish table, with minimal effort. By eliminating and simplifying the amount of objects and décor on the table, we are opening up space and creating a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

Eliminate Linens and Replace with a Table Runner

Using a table runner versus a table linen will expose the beauty of your own dining table. When we have the opportunity to uncover a beautiful piece of well made furniture, we are doing it! In the case of a large event where unsightly rental tables are used, we are definitely covering from top to bottom with linen. Some of our venues have wonderful wood tables and full linen isn’t necessary. It’s been a progression from Victorian times when even pianos were draped in scarves to prevent anyone from seeing the instrument’s legs!

For our events we are customizing table runners. We are also offering ready made tailored table runners through The Storied Table like the Saba pictured below.

Undress-Your-Table-Chicago-Caterer-Entertaining-Company_0036 Undress-Your-Table-Chicago-Caterer-Entertaining-Company_0035

Eliminate the Bread and Butter Plate

Taking away another plate on the table will create more room for your wine and water glass and will help those sitting around the table feel less crowded. Instead, adopt the “family style” passing approach in which you would have one plate of butter and one basket of bread for everyone to pass around and share.

Keep your Centerpieces Simple and Small

We don’t want to eliminate all the décor from your tabletop, but keeping it simple and streamlined is a more modern approach even within a traditional interior style. When choosing a centerpiece for your table, try to keep things small and simple. For example, use an oblong tray to streamline and group multiple objects like candles and condiment bowls.


Create More Space by Using a Charger Versus a Placemat

Replacing your placemat with a charger is a great way to undress your table, but still have a great sense of décor. With the charger sitting circularly under your plate, a feeling of spaciousness and polish is brought to your tabletop. Select a charger style that fits best with your interior design style personality and change them out easily to create new looks while using the same china.