Global Markets

Discovering unique products for home and entertaining is both our The Storied Table passion and mission. We long for originality and have become weary of the generic, mass produced and “vanilla”.

For us, there’s nothing more exciting than meeting an artisan committed to a craft. We’re drawn to people and objects less for a “label” or packaging, and more for a particular soulfulness and craftsmanship.

We seek out the rich culture of the artisan and wonder how did they start making “art”. We are often asking the artisan, do you call yourself an “artist”? How did you start? Where do you work? How do people see your work? We love to learn and share the story.      

As we come up to the one year anniversary of The Storied Table,  we reflect on where our wanderlust has taken us and to individual people we’ve met. We’ve traveled on sourcing trips to Chennai, India, the markets of Delhi, the markets of Hyderabad, Design Match in Iceland and workshops in San Francisco. On these trips we’ve had a chance to savor delicious working lunches in showrooms with friends and international buyers, travel by Tuk Tuk between appointments, meet wonderful creative people and learn about how other people live and work.  

On the road, we’ve found Textiles from Mali, metals from Moradabad, bronze stenciled serving pieces from a Chicago maker, pinch pots from a Brooklyn potter, ceramics from Lill Street Potter, glassware from a workshop in San Miguel Allende.

The artisans we have gravitated to have a slow living eye to hand style which defines luxury for us. We look forward to getting on the road again soon and discovering new friends and new treasures which we can share.

Thanks for being part of our journey so far.