A Guide to Summertime in the City

This summer we’re feeling inspired by the big wide world around us. From The Get Down to the coast of Amalfi, we’re soaking up the surroundings like Coppertone on sun-kissed skin. We’re focused on the tangibles and intangibles alike~a perfect linen for a rooftop dinner party, getting up at 8 AM on a summer morning when the city is all possibility and sunshine, handmade glasses to catch the light, and twilight talks with friends.

Below you’ll see our Top Five picks that are setting our hearts, minds, and bellies on fire during Summer 2016.

One | Frozen Cocktails

Tacky, Chic, Retro, it’s all about brain freeze, it’s a frozen cocktail. This summer we’re dusting off our blender to make our fave frozen drinks: icy negronis, faux pina coladas, frose (that’s frozen rose if you must know), and mystery cocktails with names like Farah Fawcett (is the tequila feathered like FF’s hair as it’s spun around? We’ll never know). We’re serving these bad boys in a short glass on a hot hot night.

Two | Frutta di Mare

Right now we’re into anything that tastes salty, briney, sea-like. We’re into oysters, lobster, linguine and poke~anything that can be served home-style among friends on a late afternoon, as a day at the beach fades into a gathering among friends. For the perfect 5:00 PM fiesta, we suggest some icy fleet-wells or poke served out of Celerie to set things off.


Three | Gucci 16

We can’t lie~we’re a lil bodacious, eccentric, over-the-top- and we feel like we’ve found our match with Gucci’s Pre-Fall 16 line. Suburban strip malls and pink fur coats? Peacocks and silk pants? Grey Gardens old-lady-chick meets skateboard/street culture? We’re into it, and we’re queuing up our wardrobes. If you like a random dance party and an outrageous floral, we’re here for you. BTW, we’re gathering tulips and sticking them in the Chester to get in the mood.


Four | Elena Ferrante

Elena Ferrante is our favorite new writer-she’s wry and emotionally wrought, breaking our hearts even as she’s filling our heads with the beauty of the coast of Italy. We’re kicking off our shoes and cozying up with Neapolitan novels, “Passione” by John Turturro in the background. If you really want to get into the mood, we suggest lighting some of our hand-dipped and donning a caftan.


Five | Go West

Humboldt Park/Logan Square, who knew? From the Logan Street Farmer’s Market to the world of Mexican street food, we’re loving these neighborhoods that have been there forever but totally under the radar for us. Now we find ourselves craving food and pointing west. Ordering up high class street food at Masa Azul cue the Esquites, Sopitas and let’s talk about the tequila cocktails (we’re working our way through the list) . Coffee at C.C. Ferns  and the old school soda fountain at Spinning J brings us to a cooler time.