Vintage Romantic Wedding Style

At The Storied Table we adore the elegant look of a Vintage Romantic style wedding. All the details that go into the décor for a wedding this style, really helps to showcase the bride and grooms personalities! When hosting a wedding with this theme, it is important to have the best decorations to compliment the bride, groom, and the venue. From mirrored trays to pitchers, chargers and elegant decanters, we have all your needs to complete the décor of your wedding.

Mirrored Trays

Our mirrored trays can be used for a wide variety of purposes ranging from serving hors d’oeuvres to using them for dramatic eclectic dessert tables. Also, our mirrored trays can serve as a unique tabletop décor for your wedding. Place in the middle of your table accompanied with candles, a string of pearls, or lace to create an elegant centerpiece.

Shown above: Gemma

Shown above: Nelly, Dottie

St. Martin Pitcher

Our St. Martin Pitcher has such elegant detail throughout the center, bottom, and handle that it is perfect for any vintage romantic style event. Have your waiting staff refilling water glasses with this beautiful piece that your guests will find breathtaking.


Throughout the courses of your plated dinner, pick out a Charger to put under your salad, entrée, and dessert plate that will really capture the Vintage Romantic style of your wedding. These chargers allow for extended tabletop décor that will be so memorable to both the bride and groom, and all guests. The Dalia Pearl or the Dalia Silver makes for the perfect accent to your other serving plates.


Our decanters are the perfect first gift for someone with the Vintage Romantic style. From The Storied Table, the Amrit decanter is both artful and functional. Likewise, the Azizi decanter is the perfect style for anyone that is looking to elevate their bar or kitchen area.

Check out our Vintage Romantic Mood Board for the ultimate Vintage Romantic Style Wedding inspiration.