Urban Artisan Wedding

When the weather is lovely, Chicago rooftops become a go to place for creative weddings. For a rooftop wedding, couples are often looking for a way to blend into the downtown urban setting while sprinkling their celebration with warm whimsical natural touches that set the mood..

These days, couples are striving to add as much personal detail as possible to their wedding. The venue may be public but the touches remind one more of being at an intimate home.  The days of waiters carrying stainless steel trays of watered down drinks and offering factory made hors d’oeuvres is long gone.

We have the good fortune of encountering creative couples who are thinking of every detail to bring their own touch to their wedding celebration. Recently, at a Rooftop Wedding held at Morgan on Fulton, catered by Entertaining Company, a couple surprised and delighted guests with warm personal touches such as handmade indigo table runners and tile name place “cards”.  

During the cocktail hour, Entertaining Company used natural slate and The Storied Table wood boards to enhance the look of the hors d’oeuvres while balancing urban with natural details. Through these elements, the wedding venue was transformed into a setting more like a home rooftop dinner party.       

A crafted approach to food and beverage was carried through the event from start to finish. The evening started with Freshly Squeezed Blueberry Lavender Lemonade, accompanied by a selection of worldly skewered and one bite hors d’oeuvres. A collection of handmade lavosh, foccacia, baguettes, cheddar stars and olive crackers accompanied a salad of summer grilled peaches and wild field greens. After a seated dinner of Bistro Style Roasted Bone in Chicken Breast and Maple Honey Glazed Short Ribs a lovely dessert selection of Mini Key Lime Pie Tartlets and other delectable small bites were offered on heavy wood artisan boards.

Bread being served on Mikki Wood Board

Doughnuts served on Mikki Board

Dessert on Maru Wood Board