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Now that it’s summer in the Midwest, we are inspired by the world’s best pool party décor and lifestyle. No wonder, then, that we are obsessed with Palm Springs Style.

Palm Springs, California about a hundred miles southeast of Los Angeles has always been a style mecca since about the 1920s. A favorite haunt of Humphrey Bogart, Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra, celebrities could relax at vacation homes close to their work in Hollywood. Palm Springs became a famous escape for A-listers pursuing a bohemian lifestyle of glam and luxe. They commissioned famous architects, such as John Lautner and Donald Wexler to build homes characterized by an easy transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. The architecture style became known as Desert Modern.

To channel this Palm Spring style for yourself, you’ll need a Moto pitcher from The Storied Table for poolside cocktails, snazzy Ariel white etched glassware, and an Ozlem blue and white table runner that morphs into a bathing swimsuit cover-up at a moment’s notice. Sunny skies, pool furniture, and beach umbrella covered in graphic patterns, and a clean, fresh, minimal, but luxe, approach all add up to the modern Palm Springs Style whether you are enjoying the sun in California or elsewhere.

Here are some summer pictures of how we do the Palm Springs lifestyle!