NEW! Styling with Kenny series

Introducing our Styling with Kenny series

Meet Kenny, our resident tabletop stylist, as he dials up romance at our #StoriedHome.

Styling with Kenny is a new web-series created by sister companies Entertaining Company and The Storied Table. The series will feature Kenny Woodman, Tabletop Stylist and Designer, as he shares styling ideas for various entertaining scenarios.

In this episode, join Kenny as he creates a beautiful tabletop for a romantic at-home date. Get inspired as Kenny designs a beautiful charcuterie tray, uses food to raise the romance level, provides great entertaining tips and hacks in a pinch, and uses color and the outdoors to brighten up the table to elevate it from everyday to artistic.

All of the products that Kenny featured are available here at The Storied Table.


Mugs: TULA

Candleholder:  ROBERTO

Candleholder:  VAASA

Napkins:  ALLIE

Napkin Rings: NANO

You can also find these products styled into expertly curated gift sets, which can be found here.