The Storied Table Maker, Kajsa Cramer

We’re so excited about presenting Maker Kajsa Cramer to our The Storied Table customers here in the US. While we have always admired the tenets of “Slow Living” Movement  we have sometimes found Nordic and Scandinavian design in general to be a bit too neutral and a bit too generic. What we love about Kajsa Cramer’s work is that while it’s simple and uncluttered, her pieces show a creative edge and artistic hand in every piece. In that pieces are handmade, they are tactile and slightly “imperfect” in the way only a non-machine object can ever be. We love what we call the poetry and uniqueness of her pieces and, at the same time, the organic and very modern vibe.

Kajsa has worked with clay for 17 years and creates her designs from porcelain clay. Porcelain adds a level of functionality and durability necessary for the wear and tear of everyday use. Why is porcelain more functional for the everyday? Because it’s fired at a high temperature—around 2,650° F which makes it strong in contrast to firing at a lower temperature around 2200 F. When fired at a lower temperature, the resulting product is known as“fine china” and hence, more breakable.

Kajsa’s palette is largely black and white and we’ve gone gaga for the black “Patchy” plates and mugs which pair really well with other The Storied Table tabletop pieces as our German plates  and Dutch Candlesticks.  As a collection, Kasja’s pieces add a highly organic tactile element that contrasts simply and beautifully with the other pieces to create one modern look for your tabletop.

We believe that Kajsa’s pieces add a lovely element to everyday life and everything tastes better on a handmade plate!

We’ve put together a Pinterest board where you can see more of Kajsa’s work as well as our other Nordic design inspirations.