Styling Tips: Minimal Boho Chic

For our new Winter Collection 2016, The Storied Table’s direction is what we’re calling Minimal Boho. This style is slightly Scandinavian, clean with minimal modern lines, enhanced  eclectically. We’re thinking “less is more.” We’re simplifying and modernizing and taking away rather than adding.  We like to warm up, what can seem too cold, with elements of nature, green tree branches, seasonal floral and bits of birchbark.

As for our color palette, “hot” hues are trending cool. We’re tending toward earthy cool greys, charcoals, and grey/blues. We’re loving the grey that comes with metal finishes….reflective metal gray, wrought iron, charcoal gray, and stainless steel. We love metals on the table, in a pitcher, in a bowl, in flatware. For people obsessed with color, our obsession is with a Wintry neutral palette that celebrates the season and invites retreat. We’re finding these tones fresh and soothing and enveloping.

We’ve been spending some time over on Pinterest assembling our favorite The Storied Table tones.  We hope you’ll come over and be inspired.