Es Cinco en Alguna Parte! (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!)

When clients ask for summer celebration ideas, we immediately think: FIEST PARTY. A Mexican cocktail party is the perfect way to entertain, quench everyone’s palate and display a colorful array of flavor thru various, bite-sized eats.

As for a welcome, there’s nothing more inviting than a Mariachi group (we can arrange!) lining the stairs welcoming guests to your home.

If a boat party is more your idea of summer Chicago entertaining, we have Lake Michigan casual Mexican Taco Stand menus for you.


The trend we’ve been noticing recently is not only for casual entertaining, but more of our luxury clients both corporate and wedding are asking for Mexican inspired fare.

At Chez, we recently catered a lovely sophisticated wedding for a hospitality executive complete with green chili crab cakes, microgreens and lime from the griddle as well as Cochinita Pibil.


Then there are the great Mexican Cocktails! We do love a Tequila and Cucumber Summer Drink. What could be more refreshing?

Along with the Tequilas and wonderful beer, chips and dips coming out of the Entertaining Company  kitchen elevate the look of our Mexican fare from everyday to exciting.


So many wonderful Mexican foods can be made bite size which is what everyone seems to be looking for … we’re loving finger food quesadillas, as well as empanadas and burrito wraps which go casual or fancy with meaty or vegetarian. Let’s have five or six different varieties, all bite size.

Why is Mexican food so trendy for weddings right now? Could it be the great variety of condiments that lets each and every guest “accessorize” to their own personal taste buds with everything from pickled onions, Jalapenos, and a total arsenal of hot and not so hot sauces? For whatever reason, we’re loving the flavorful taste and happy summer vibe of Fiesta Parties.