Eating in Color :: Marsala

Until last week, when I thought about Marsala (if I thought about it at all), I thought about an Italian white wine that resembles sherry. Now, however, thanks to the Pantone Company, I know that Marsala is a color, #18-1438, a deep red with a lot of brown~ imagine red wine aging in an oak cask for a long time. “Marsala” is also the Pantone color of the year for 2015.


My initial reaction was questioning~ must we mix metaphors and call something one thing when it really means another? But, after a few minutes, I realized there are names of colors all around us.

When you’re a red head , you are called “ginger” –haired or, if you’re a bright red head, “carrot” top. If you’re a particular shade of blonde, you might be a “strawberry” blond, or you might have “chestnut” hair, or, lips like “cherries”.

If you’re Italian like my husband’s family, you might have “olive” skin and if you’re an adolescent, “peach fuzz”.

In sum, the human race is a cornucopia of food. Go out, sample the town with friends, and sink your teeth into someone for the holidays.