#MonthofLove & Wedding Styles

At our recent end of year wrap up and holiday get together, Anthony, of Liven It Up and I, started discussing how the  wedding couples that choose us as wedding vendors are really focusing on the desire to up the ante on the “uniqueness” of their wedding. Then as we started discussing what it means to be “unique”, we started talking about how there were certain overall style trends that seem to be emerging among many of the couples we were seeing. These styles also led the couples to seek out specific venues.  Our LIU/EC couples tended to gravitate to the styles of Classic/Formal, Rustic/Urban, Vintage/Romantic, and Modern/ Chic.

Generally we defined the styles as:

  • Classic /Formal: Elegantly Polished, Seamless, Timeless
  • Rustic/Urban: Finds beauty in nature, sustainable natural elements enhance for a modern “look”
  • Vintage/Romantic: Embodying whimsy, lightness, simplicity of yesteryear, feminine
  • Modern/Chic: Linear, White, Smooth, Hip

We got excited to talk to our respective teams to see how a planner working with a custom caterer could develop and enhance these weddings within these trends.  We went ahead and randomly divided our LIU and EC consultants into teams and had a brainstorming session on each of these bridal styles from a planning and culinary perspective. The teams we came up with are Anthony and I (Classic/Formal), Julie and Misha (Rustic/Urban), Kenny and Jackie (Vintage/Romantic) and Regan and Vanessa (Modern/Chic).

In honor of Valentine’s Day, each Wednesday in February, a LIU/EC team is going to describe and discuss planning a wedding within one of these styles  and call it #MonthofLove.

Stay tuned to Wednesday, February 5 as we continue our conversation.MonthOfLove