Celebrate Your Party Colors

It’s here.  Election Day.  Finally.

No matter which candidate makes his acceptance speech tonight, there are still so many things to celebrate this first Tuesday in November.

1) After tonight, no more political pundits touting poll numbers.  “He’s up!” ” He’s down!”  “He’s holding!”  It’s been a daily emotional roller-coaster and it’s over.

2) No more political television ads…for TWO WHOLE YEARS!

3) Voting is spectacularly fun!  When I leave the voting booth, I always get goosebumps.  It’s just so amazing that we get our own, individual say in how we want our Government to work…both locally and nationally.

It’s a day FULL of reasons to celebrate.  Here’s how I like to gather with my friends and family tonight….

As the first round of polls begin to close at 7 p.m. EST (6 p.m. in Chicago…) I will gather with my family and friends around the television and crack open a variety of amazing craft beers made in America.  I like to ask my guests to vote on their favorite beers….it takes the edge off the whole Red State/Blue State conversation. Chicago Magazine put together some ideas for hosting a craft beer tasting as well as a tasting sheet that you can find here to download.

Now,  I am going to be much to busy watching the returns to actually be trapped in the kitchen, which is why I plan to make 2 or 3 different chili recipes, that can simmer away, largely unwatched. Of course, to stay on theme, each recipe will hail from a different part of the country.  Chili con Carne from Texas.  A veggie and bulgar chili from California.  Perhaps a white chicken chili, representing New England?  The variations are endless. (I will soup everyone’s bowl up with some cornbread and fixings…sour cream, scallions, shredded pepper jack cheese, charred corn with crispy leeks, and bacon!)

As the evening advances…and more regional polls close, the winning ticket will be in sight….this calls for a celebration, the American way!  Sundaes for all!  I am all for the classics today.  All-American vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and caramel.  I am going to garnish each with iced red, white, and blue flag cookies. (Entertaining Company makes them!)

I’ve cooked up some more Patriotic Celebration ideas on my Pinterest page.  Check them out here!  And, as ever, may the BEST man win!