An Eclectic Jewish New Year

It is Wednesday, September 28 and the Jewish New Year 2011; your family is assembled, boisterous and eclectic on a chilly Chicago eve. You’re tucked into a folding chair, sandwiched between friends, friends of friends, neighbors and family.

You look at the faces around the table: your Korean exchange student, your daughter’s South African boyfriend, the little girl from next door, Grandpa in his favorite velvet yarmulke and Mom, impeccably turned out. The smart aleck in the group asks: what is the only food that comes from a non Kosher animal? Why honey, of course!

Heaps of matzoh balls; warm challah; and tart apples sliced and drizzled with honey on silver platters passed down through the ages; crystal chalices and cartoon cups for the kids; and Bob Dylan on the turntable. You settle back into your folding chair just as the boyfriend raises his glass in a thoroughly modern toast.

When I was a child, Jewish holidays centered around white gloves and patent leather shoes, long hours in Synagogue, and dinner with my observant elders around a beautifully set table. The guest list was strict, just family, and the evening was traditional. We honored gorgeous new beginnings and vowed to leave our burdens for the promises of a new year.

At Entertaining Company, we cater events that are highly modern and diverse but our goal is traditional for Rosh Hashanah: to help you celebrate the promise of the New Year with loved ones at your table and delicious food on your plate. We’re thrilled to bring you steaming matzoh ball soup, beet salad, couscous, challah, and sweet apples n’ honey. Instead of family china, we may rent from Tablescapes and instead of Bubbi’s hand-dipped candles we may pluck some fresh scents from Jo Malone but we’re eager to pair our traditional faire with your family traditions. Bring on the eclectic guests and we’ll do the rest.