Gypset Spirit

At Entertaining Company, we’re often inspired by our planners; their glorious décor backdrops are the perfect counterpart to our culinary creations. We were delighted by planner Hilary Schwartz’s recent blog post ( featuring chic Moroccan party ideas.

At EC, we believe in the Bedouin/Gypset Lifestyle. We are nomadic, boldly caravaning by horse and camel (or EC van and bus) to transform the everyday into the eccentric and beautiful. We’re mobile gourmands, on the move to your tree house in Michigan or backyard in the Ukrainian Village. We move fluidly to create your tailored atmosphere.

Like the Bedouins, we are a resourceful bunch. We will grille beautiful harvest vegetables at your  نار المخيم (campfire), suspend flowers from the rafters of your tent, and provide guests with locally sourced honey kits at their place setting. We are choreographed, bringing Sterno and gorgeous silverware to the farthest urban reaches like Bedouins riding through the desert with napsacks and desert tools.

In the Gypset spirit, I’m pleased to offer a new menu called The Moveable Feast for summer’s end. Envision yourself in a tent in the West Loop, street lights and stars glowing through the walls as fifty guests relax in the breeze.

While you recline on silk pillows, we will provide beet and tangerine salad with mint and orange flower water, eggplant and pomegranate dip with cheddar stars, olive crackers, mint pistachio naan, and pumpkin seed lavosh, Persian platters of harvest vegetables, stuffed grape leaves, and warm ethnic turnovers filled with carrot, raisin, pine nuts, and goat cheese.

You’ll savor the taste of butternut squash khoresh and Persian lamb, and Cornish hen with jeweled rice of saffron, orange peel, carrot, raisin, almond, and pistachio and candied baby pumpkin with sugar and garlic yogurt sauce.

We’re excited to create an urban oasis with you, carefully prepared with nomadic flower  wreaths, refreshing desert cocktails, and Bedouin orchestra complete with tambourines and sheep skin guitars.

There’s no better time to become a Gypsetter, let’s start planning!