Aragon Ballroom

1106 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

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1106 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL


handicap accessible, street parking, valet, pet-friendly

historic, electric, signature

1 space

300-350 guests

Aragon Ballroom is a keystone music venue (and event space!) in Chicago. Built all the way back in 1926 at $2 million dollars, it was a legendary undertaking then and its magnificence has carried on through all the way to 2019. The space is named for a region of Spain and features Moorish architectural detailing that makes for a stunning backdrop for any event. The space features crystal chandeliers, mosaic tiles, beautiful arches, extravagant balconies, and terra cotta detailing you won’t find anywhere else in this city. Not to mention that the nearby Green Mill is said to have an underground pathway into the Aragon, beloved by Al Capone himself. We love this venue for weddings, corporate celebrations, and everything in between. This space is a delightful backdrop for returning music lovers and newcomers alike — we can’t wait to see what you’ll do with this environment.

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