EC’s Shelfie: Our August 2019 Reading List

We are total book worms, and the summer is *peak season*. We like nothing more than stretching out on the deck with a good book and glass of sauvignon blanc, letting our imaginations run free — with a pen and notebook nearby to scribble down inspirations as they flow. So what’s on our shelf this August? Hint: it’s all about food, wine, travel and leisure.

Picasso, Bon Vivant, Ermine Herscher 

Rizzoli is one of our favorite publishers so when we caught this whimsical edition poking out of a stack of books, we grabbed it real quick. Picasso was a brilliant artist, who loved exploring new cafes and restaurants as much as creating his work; he sketched and painted at bars and cafes all over Spain and Paris, and was known for his raucous dinner parties. This book is a mixture of recipes, photographs, drawings and recollections from the artist, and a look at how certain dishes inspired his creativity.

The New York Times Book of Vegetable Gardening, Joan Lee Faust 

Gardens are our happy place, and we love the idea of growing, pickling and sampling our own veggies. We didn’t get it together for this summer, but we did pick up this bible from NYTimes editor Joan Lee Faust — a guide to the vegetable wonderland, with instructions for growing 55 vegetables from seed to harvest, including complete information on soil, tools, fertilizer, composting, mulching, watering, and pest control. 

The Artistry of Mixing Drinks, Frank Meier 

We’re obsessed with this book! It’s from the Ritz in 1936 and has beautiful deckle pages, and art deco illustrations. We’ve been students of the cocktail recipes inside — and have big plans for fall entertaining. 

Garlic and Sapphires, Ruth Reichl 

A memoir from renowned food writer and critic Ruth Reichl, this novel winds the tape back to the first days of writing at the NYTimes as its resident food critic, and doing so in disguise. With adventures all over New York including Daniel, hole in the wall Korean BBQ joints and Upper East Side sashimi hideouts, it’s an adventurous look into what it takes to research, experience, and translate delicious eats into content. We have our pens at the ready, Ruth.