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The Storied Table presents… “Styling with Kenny”

Our resident tabletop stylist, Kenny has joined forces with our sister company, The Storied Table, to serve up style in a special YouTube mini-series called Styling with Kenny! See his first episode as he dials up romance for your #StoriedHome. Styling with Kenny is a new web-series created by sister companies Entertaining Company and The Storied Table. […]

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Introducing The Storied Table

We’re so excited to introduce Entertaining Company’s sister company, The Storied Table, our new online shop. Ways in which delicious food can be made ever more beautiful through pairing with unique tabletop is something that has always fascinated us. We’ve had many opportunities to be inspired by our catering clients’ unique pieces that we’ve then […]

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Small is the New Luxury

It used to be that “incubator” meant a place where little chicks were hatched. Now, it means a place where product “makers” and their fledgling innovative businesses are nurtured with manageable rents and education on business basics like marketing, regulatory compliance, and bank loans as well as links to strategic partner and access to investors. […]

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What will I make today?

“What will I make today”? It’s a sign that hangs over my home office desk and reminds me to hop into creative activities when all the “real” work of business is completed. For me “making” with my hands is a luxury, a way of getting in touch with myself, creating beauty and “developing myself”… when […]

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